Coffee 'n Chrome bike show Aug 2019...

Pics of yours or other interesting bikes taken out and about. Reports of Choppers Australia rides, with lots of photos and great stories. If you are not confident writing up a story, email Prof & get some help... choppers are all about riding, so let's hear your stories.
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Coffee 'n Chrome bike show Aug 2019...

Post by Prof » Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:53 pm

Alarm rings at 6.30am. Still dark. Brrrr! Don't want to get up! Too cold to get out! Going to be freezin' ridin'! What a dumb idea to go to a bike show at this hour! Aarggh! Ok. It'll all be alright once I see my chopper. Ok. Here goes. No carpet on the floor yet. Freezin'! Socks, Tshirt. Long underwear. Skivvy. Jeans. CA shirt. Flying boots. Still bbb...cold. Unlock back door and hurry up to the workshop. Clang. Unlocked. There's my shovel with its new almost finished springer saying, "Come on mate! Hurry up! I'm sick of sitting here. Want to go. Want to go! Won't be long girl. Patience. Roll out the Diamond CB. Winter helmet (can wear my beanie under it so a bit warmer). Fur lined gloves.

Ok. Inside for some hot porridge and we can hit the road.

CB starts with a roar. First kick as usual. Zip up my jacket adjusting a woolen scarf. Helmet on. Gloves on. Klunk into first. Full right lock, throttle and off we blast.

Sky is now light as we settle down to a steady clip. Have the road to ourselves. Swing off the expressway and swing through an array of intersections and roll past Jason's. He and his Fatboy (chopper being repaired atm) are waiting in the drive. A nod of recognition and we blast off, Jason in the lead. Cruise down Lonsdale highway, past Hallett Cove. Still not much traffic, but we ARE being followed by a big horrible black cloud who teases us with drops of rain... but finally tires of us and moves towards the hills; thank God! I'd forgotten to bring my water proof pants. Two roaring machines side by side, a lane each most of the time until we hit Brighton Road. Traffic thickens, but how can't you enjoy listening to a fantastic exhaust roaring in your ears, followed by loud sharp crackling each time we slow for a car of traffic light. Actually heaven is smiling on us and most of the lights obligingly stay green for us.

Right up Anzac Highway. I open the CB up and blast ahead of Jason. He disappears behind me. Oh well. Drop back to let our law abiding rider catch up. Right onto Morphett Rd. Not a bike in site. Funny! This is the place? Cruise sedately through the gates and finally a sign telling us we are actually in the right place. It also says "Post 1980 bikes stay out of the venue. I tell Jason to come in anyway and see what is up, but he parks outside as I roll into the big undercover area. Very surprised at how few bikes are here.

Arranged to meet Victor here and he is always on time. We have come an hour later. Ride across the front of the assembled bikes. No Victor! Ride across the back of the assembled bikes and find a spot that will fit a few choppers. CA flags and brochures out and when Jason gets in, go check out the machines.

One long bike here is the only other chopper... way past the 550 RidikulusRool!...

Victor rolls in. He'd forgotten the event and only came down when he saw my 7.15am message on his phone. Shortly after, a tidy little sporty chopper rolls in...


Neat way to advertise it for sale...

Variety of bike including this old scooter...

Get quite a bit of interest in our choppers and CA...

Jason and I leave Victor to hang around to answer questions and go check out the bikes (Z1 club well represented)...

... and a myriad of 4 wheeled Iron in an adjoining park. Wondered if these minis were lining up ready to carry out the next heist...

Loved these Zodiacs when I was in my early teens. Got into choppers instead, but would rather drive this than any modern piece of junk...

Some really nice vehicles (which I of course forgot to photograph). Jason drooled over an 80's power machine. Stupid me didn't get a pic of him drooling! He's a real fountain of knowledge on 60's-80's muscle cars and hot rods and I really enjoyed listening to his explanations. One real surprise was a Plymouth (I think) with loooong curving intake manifolds across the top of the big block engine. Quite popular at the time apparently!

Back to the bikes where Victor was fielding questions on the bikes and club. He gave out most of my CA brochures which was good news...

Around 10.30, we three decided to call it quits. I had work to do at home and had to drop in on Rilda incarcerated in Flinders Hospital for a week or so. Took of pic of the Squariel. Dad had one when I first had my licence but always had carby problems and sold it. Lovely smooth motor and plenty of power being a 1000cc donk...

Well the rest of the ride to Flinders and then home was just great. Love the Honda roar and crackle. I have a CB750 motor being rebuilt from the ground up with the earlier K1 cam. It will be going into a full chopper with Rigid Suspension and a springer and will be both the shop bike and my back up machine. Do really like the CB's.

Next bike show is the Moto Expo on the 7th Sept in the CBD. We have booked space for 6 choppers. I will be again on the shovel (fingers crossed) with its new springer 2pm start. Hah! Sounds much better time! See you there?
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Re: Coffee 'n Chrome bike show Aug 2019...

Post by El Skitzo » Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:54 am

Some nice bikes there
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