Friday night spin with Jason (Feb20)...

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Friday night spin with Jason (Feb20)...

Post by Prof » Sat Feb 22, 2020 12:53 am

It's been an unrelenting week trying catch up on two choppers under construction in the workshop, workman away for the third week, ferrying and or attending to two sick women in the household, having to jump this way and that at a moments notice, cooking, shopping etc. So tonight at 5pm despite my tiredness, I decide I need some fresh HD chopper style air. Call Jason. Yeah mate! He'll be in on it. OK I'll have tea on the dot of 7pm and see you at 7.30. Done. Prepare tea, about to eat tea an Jason rocks up. "You're early." "I'm always early!" He sits while I eat.

Say goodbye to Rilda through the toilet door and up we go to the workshop. He will be painting one of the choppers I am building, so we have a look at it and I ask appropriate questions. That done, down to the bikes, one Fatboy (Jason's chopper still defected for noise and no rear reflector) and my beautiful shovel chopper.

Victor Harbor is our destination. I lead Jason on an alternative route to Mt Compass that includes 5 k of dirt, but he is fine with that. Within 5 minutes sunset is well underway and puts on a brilliant show to our right. magnificent riding; cool, no wind and very little traffic.

Just before begining the descent into Victor we turn off the main road and follow a nice curvy road towards Middleton called Crows Nest Rd. Sky to our right is now a brilliant yellow flashing at us through the thick gums lining the road.

Pull up at the lookout. We can see across to the Murray mouth and the stately curve of the bay. Lights are now on and one particularly bright on shines at us from the Goolwa beachfront. The massively bright light finally winks out and we wonder what in tarnation is was.


Ten minutes enjoying the dusky evening and the solitude of this high place and we move off once again, our engines bursting into life with the touch of a button... afraid as much as I would like to quit my leccy start, my right knee is too bad to frequently heave the bike into life so I live with the extra bulk on my shovel and the annoyance at this restriction.

Middleton is very dead, so we cruise on to Victor at the posted speed of 60k. Pass a cop car coming out of a side road and very happy that he turns the other way!

Victor Harbor is dead too. We idle along the main business street. The picture theatre is quiet. Riding past the pub after doing a circuit, we get the thumbs up and big grins from two couples sitting out side. Finally find a lighted spot at Drakes and pull up. All the lights are on but we are 4 minutes too late to get any sustenance. Jason satisfies himself with a smoke and I just enjoy sitting and looking at my chopper... no one calling on me to... Not quite! My phone rings and I figure I'd better answer it as I have been helping my oldest son in Queensland put new sprockets and chains on his sporty chopper. No. It's Crowy as arranged, checking that it is still ok to bring in his Panhead tomorrow to sort out a leaking oil line.

Time to go. Nothing happening down here! Mount up and rumble off home. Jason forgot his clear lens glasses, so we just amble along at a steady 80k. A few cars get stuck behind us, but his eyes are more important than a few lost seconds for the cage jockeys.

At this speed, my exhaust note from the open pipes is delightful and I relax to the Harley' steady beat. Finally idle down Willunga Hill. Jason rides on blasting his horn in salute while I peel off and rumble on through a Willunga that has more life in it than our previous place.

Well I am still tired, but it has been a nice night out and it will happen again soon, you can be sure of that.
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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